Aug 1, 2015

Time: A Crucial Element for Online Working

Sharon Lopez   at  7:07 PM  

Our willingness to find an additional or main income source online could be dependent on several factors: our eagerness, capacity, patience and of course our time.

It won’t be that easy to be working at home when you have other chores that are waiting to be done. At the end, we end up setting aside the opportunity of earning in lieu of the household activities. Afterwards, we would be complaining of lack of time to be devoted on our work.

What would be the result?

We complain of having not enough time

We complain of not having sufficient income

We complain of other people disturbing us

We end up messing up everything.

As a result we tend to pass the blame to anything or anyone for our failures.

And this is because we failed to address the most crucial part of working online,
allocating sufficient time for our work.

Time is a valuable component of online working. Just like any career of activity, we need to devote a considerable time in order to make something happen. 

It doesn't mean that we have to spend long time for a certain site that we are working with. We only need to give what is necessary. If the site requires full attention, we have to give it in order to achieve the best result. But most often, online sites would only require us to devote a little time on a regular basis. The only thing we need to do is to make sure we visit the site everyday. We need to be active as much as possible in order to maximize the earning potential and to be up-to-date on the site's policies and changes.

Most of us are fond of starting but then, after sometime or after encountering minor problems, we tend to lose interest and eventually give up without seeing a good result.  The result, we are always on the starting line.

Before starting on a particular site, see to it that we can maintain our daily activity, otherwise we would just be wasting our time. Know the time zone of the site so that we can make a schedule as to when we can make a visit depending on our offline schedule in case we also have our permanent work. 

Time is important and we should make sure we are not wasting even a single second. We can never recover the time we wasted.

Written by Sharon Lopez for Workers' Zone

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