Jul 25, 2015

How to Open PayPal Account (New Process)

Sharon Lopez   at  12:54 AM  

Being an online worker, we need to adapt to every change that may occur as we continue with our journey in this fast-pace changing environment.  Policies and rules may be modified anytime and we should be aware of these changes to ensure a smooth transaction especially with that concerning money. After all that is the primary reason why we are working online. Anything can happen in a split of a second. As the saying goes, the only thing that remains constant is change.

I have written an article about opening a Paypal Account more than a year ago and I guess I need to make an updated version that could be used by incoming members. There are some minor changes on the sign-up page creating some confusion over new members.

First of all, be ready with your email and keep it open in another tab for fast reference. Another reminder is that when you are planning to work online, make sure you create a new email account specifically for that purpose. This would make your transactions easier and more organized.

Step 1. Go directly to www.paypal.com and click Sign Up Now. You will be directed to a new page with the two options, Buy with PayPal and Receive Payment with PayPal. Choose Buy with PayPal. This is the same as personal account while the other option would be suitable for online businesses. The only difference the new sign up page with the previous sign up page was that the old one has three (3) options personal, premier and business while the present only have two, Buy with PayPal and Receive Payment with PayPal.
The new sign Up Page

Let me show you the Old Sign Up Page:

The Old Sign Up Page

Step 2. You will be directed to another page where a blank form that you need to fill up with personal details. This is similar to the old form that I used to sign up before. Fill out the required data and click Agree and Create an Account.
Make sure to supply correct details on the space provided

You have the option to leave the lower portion of the form blank and come back to it at a later time. However, if your credit card and debit card is available, you can already continue with the process.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner and you preferred to use the business form, you can do it by clicking the Pay with PayPal. Here is the form you will use:

Use this form if you are a business owner

Step 3. You will be prompted to verify you email. Go to your email account and look for the message from PayPal requiring you to click a link for your email to be verified.
Congratulations! You now have a PayPal account.

But still, your account is unverified and you need either a Visa or Mastercard to verify your account. Most online sites nowadays do not accept unverified PayPal account. This is also for your own safety.

Written by Sharon S. Lopez for Workers' Zone

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