Dec 13, 2014

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Sharon Lopez   at  5:37 PM  

What would you do if you will be given free time?

Being an online worker, I value time so much that I do not want to waste a moment without doing something worthwhile. I would even do multitasking whenever I can in order to maximize the very limited time that I can devote with my online work.

It has been for three years since I discovered about working online. The concept came to me when I started working in the government and was assigned to the province with a distant from my home. I need to travel everyday in order to reach my work place. After computing the expenses I had to incur traveling from and to the office, I finally decided to find a place near my working area.

That was the time that I found some extra time and I started looking for an additional source of income. Knowing that I could not find a part time job around the area and my selling skills was not that great, I doubted if I would be able to find a good job.

I had my laptop during that time and I started thinking about looking for some online part time job. It wasn’t easy for me considering that my knowledge in internet is also limited. I do not even know the difference between Mozilla and Chrome back then.  I had my facebook account opened by an officemate. She was the most affected when everyone in the office was telling me that I don’t have one.

Compared to others who might just be starting right now, I had a real difficult time exploring the online world at the start. Among my colleagues and friends, it was me who first showed an interest on this thing. I was standing in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where and how to start this game.

I started my journey toward a nearly impossible goal without the help of anybody. For me it was a matter of trying out something new and if ever I failed, then t least I tried, nothing to lose for me as I won’t be spending anything. Except that I will be consuming time and effort.

I started searching for some work on the Google search bar. That is the only way that I know which could help me with my online job hunt. As expected, I landed into different scam sites consuming most of my time and effort. Scam site after scam site that I almost lost hope into getting a good source of income.

But being born a real fighter, giving up was my last option. After many failed attempts, I was able to discover a community which gave me some light. I had some paid-to-click sites which I am maintaining and the primary purpose of joining a community is for promotion. But I gained more than that. Through that site, I discovered a lot of new ideas and concepts of the online world.

I am now on my third year online and I can say I have a lot of things that I learned on that span of time that I work online.

Allow me to share with you, especially to the new comers what I know. Welcome to my site and I hope I could help you in one way or another. I wish you success in your online journey.

Had you any question regarding online working, don’t hesitate to leave a message and I will gladly answer all your queries to the best of my knowledge.

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Author: Sharon S. Lopez

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